Graphs & Charts

In this section, you’ll be given a visual and asked to make a conclusion based on it. Read the answer choices and determine which one fits the representation of the graph, table, or chart.

It’s important to try and study the graph and draw a conclusion in your head before even reading the answer choices. This way you have a good idea of what is going on prior to looking at the answers. Make sure to double-check your answer, verifying it makes sense. Also, read through each category carefully. Many mistakes are made when students don’t thoroughly check as the question sometimes is intended to trip you up.

Look at the following chart:



Information is presented by age in years.

What conclusion can one draw from looking at the chart above?

  1. People in Canada can expect to live longer than people in Sweden
  2. The only country South Korea trails behind in life expectancy is France
  3. Australia has a longer life expectancy than Spain
  4. Three countries have a life expectancy of over 83 years old

The key here is reading each answer and asking if it adds up. By reading the chart, it clearly shows that people in Canada don’t live as long as people in Sweden, so option A can be eliminated. In option B, South Korea trails in life expectancy from not just France but also Sweden, so that is incorrect. Option C can be tricky because Australia is listed ahead of Spain. However, by reading the chart, you will see they are both the same age, so Australia doesn’t have a longer life expectancy than Spain. In option D, you can read that there are three countries with life expectancies over 83, making that the correct answer.

Graphs & Charts Review Test

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